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Although in many ways embodying the archetype of “the freak” – Bridget the Midget inverts (and i’ll never know if she does this intentionally – though kudos if she does!) this dynamic by sexualising it, thus bringing it ever-closer to the mainstream.Iraq, gay marriage, religion, and Bush’s seven-minute 9/11 freeze-up are all in his sights, but someone should tell Maher that Ru Paul jokes haven’t been funny since… EXTRAS A Q&A finds the host in his element, affably chatting with the Portland, Ore., audience about his health-food obsession and pothead pride.

” asks Bill Maher in his 2005 HBO special, Bill Maher: ”I’m Swiss”.

Tellingly – and very obviously unfairly – they are grouped with “buffoons and idiots” – themselves a bizarre status symbol.

What to do then with a personality like Bridget the Midget – a prolific adult actress who has made a name for herself simply because of her size.

And as an aside, I resent incredibly the desexualising of “dislabelled” (misspelling intentional..clever! Why does their “disability” have to be the publicly defining factor of their identity?

) people – why the f*ck are there separate toilets for dislabelled people? Just make normal toilets larger – no-one’s going to complain about the extra room.

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