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There are those poor souls who have worked for me in the past, but I tend to leave them twisted and broken at the side of the road after a relatively short amount of time. With civil war threatening to tear the land apart, and an entirely more dire threat arising beyond the Wall, John and Cortana take it upon themselves to again protect the whole of mankind; from both it's own demons... Four years have passed since the Night Howlers ordeal.

Anyway, correct spelling is overrated: Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. As such, much has occurred for Officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps; both who have grown used to coping with the habitual routine of upholding the law.

You're my heartbeat; you're in the marrow of my bones and under my skin, and—if I lost you—I wouldn't be able to go on." "Believe it," said Bunnie, "She even told me that she had changed and that she realized that she couldn't live her life anymore in Animal Town.

"He wouldn't lie to me like that." Something odd and alien flashed behind her eyes, but it faded as soon as it had come, and it left a frightened little girl in its' place.

I just looked at her bitterly and I told her...don't ever come back and.... " Bunnie's composture crumbled as she broke down and began to weep as she buried her face into her hands. "Cause I see'd Zexion coming back t'our room, an' then he just..looked so sad. I knew he did, 'cause all he did was hold me an' cry until he fell asleep..." She shivered...." Xemnas pulled her into his arms from across the bed, desperately trying to cradle her close and stroke her hair as he sobbed with her. "Daddy's here, Yaya," he whispered, voice hoarse with agony, "daddy's here.

YOU'RE AN INHUMAN MONSTER..cut me off, glared at me fiercely..screamed at me to get out and then turned around and gave me the same cold shoulder she had been giving me that day. I promise, I promise..." He felt Saix settle in beside them, holding his hand in his and stroking her hair with his other hand, and Xemnas could only think of one thing to say.

(Okay, maybe that last Pot Hole went too far.) Their outfits tend to show more skin and have more leather, fetishist hangups, lace, on occasion, or even gorgeous and functional Femme Fatalons.

I like people who write honest reviews, even if they don't like my stories, but I hate people who just go on about how 'wrong' I am just because it doesn’t fit their view of the show/movie/game/what ever.

I write primarily because I enjoy it, so what you read is what I like rather than would appeal to the masses.

Movies, Pitch Black / Riddick, Brimstone, Cartoon X-overs, Crimson Skies, Smokey and the Bandit, Scrubs, Ghostbusters, Herbie series, Transformers, Zombie Survival Guide, Heroes, Honor Harrington, Bolo series, Stargate: Universe, V, 2009, Fable, Eureka, Red, Captain America, Game of Thrones, and Destiny. Date of birth: 25th of April 1982From: England's green and pleasant land Occupation: Retail Hobbies: reading, writing, painting, films and TV.

Other pen names: Sinister Dexter (Ex Isle), Starbug (Twisting the Hellmouth, Space Forum)View on life: Live and let live Original Fiction (looking for a publisher)Things I will not write stories about (mainly because I don't know/care enough about them) : Some of my stories have Beta-readers, but I write a lot and I can't ask them to keep up with me, as it would be difficult.

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  1. She hoped that, faced with an eternity of imprisonment, he would choose to instead take the cure in order to end his suffering by dying a mortal death; if he chose this path, his soul would be trapped in the supernatural purgatory known as the Other Side, which Qetsiyah had also created in order to ensure that Silas would be trapped with her forever even in death.

  2. See Videos Free, with option to pay for additional features. Play as a pixie or human, with a wide variety of quests in this delightful RPG/Virtual World hybrid. The concept is similar in some ways to Minecraft, but this is truly a unique game. Planet Arkadia is the fourth planet of the Entropia Universe, an MMORPG with a cash-based economy.