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All of these characters are insanely insecure, regardless of how they act.KO: You know, I find the characters so sad and endearing.I vividly remember thinking ‘Oh my god, so you can have two careers going in Hollywood and have children who are really awesome, responsible and fun to be around.’ Their kids are amazing.

We shoot in two blocks, so the first block we hid the pregnancy just with clothes—I don’t carry around giant boxes the entire time. I don’t want to ruin it for you, it could be the greatest day of your life.

It’s just taking those qualities and heightening them a lot.

I relate to the character a lot and that’s why I love her so much and don’t find her despicable and horrible.

There’s a little bit of our characters in all of us so it’s just taking it to an extreme.

I’m a perfectionist—I’m an actor—so I want to be funny and people to like me, but I’m not as insecure about it as Sweet Dee is.

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