Dating in the dark billy and chelsea still together dating but not boyfriend

There was no missing the message of their writhing, giggling interview on The Big Breakfast bed -- where, to be fair, Yates interviewed everyone -- but this was an encounter so charged with sexual energy it felt almost voyeuristic to observe.Fundamentally, it had the same energy of that first, Eighties encounter, but by the mid-Nineties Yates had been altered by age, motherhood and another nine years with her now-husband, Geldof.By this time, as Yates told one of the several friends who wrote about her after her death, she felt Bob was "the most controlling person" she knew.She said that what had seemed caring behaviour in her 20s, was smothering in her 30s, and she longed for some sort of freedom.Before meeting Yates, Hutchence had a well-established reputation as a hedonistic sexual adventurer, the epitome of a rock 'n' roll star.He had a louche confidence that worked on women, was credited with the sexual awakening of Kylie Minogue during their affair and, when he began courting Paula, was long-time involved with Helena Christensen, then at her supermodel peak.

She may have known that the unnamed guest was Michael Hutchence, who had been spotted around the hotel the night before, seeming "spaced out", or have known that he'd subsequently partied in the room with friends into the small hours of the morning.Commonly, and inaccurately, the story of Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence is thought to have begun on The Big Breakfast bed in October, 1994.In fact, it truly began in 1985, also on Channel 4, when Yates interviewed Hutchence on The Tube, she 10 years and one daughter into her relationship with Geldof, he a relatively little-known-in Europe singer with an Australian rock band.As a woman who had written two books about motherhood and was absolutely devoted to her three Geldof daughters, Fifi (now 24), Peaches (18) and Pixie (17), Paula Yates felt a strong pull to have Michael Hutchence's child.For her, perhaps, it was the ultimate proof of love, a living extension of it, but this was a responsibility Hutchence had long resisted.

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