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The main inspirations of Maurício de Sousa were through American comics like Peanuts and Little Lulu, which have inspired some recurring themes like the boys' club.In the following year of 1960, the characters gained ground through the children's magazine Zaz Traz by publisher Editora Outubro, later getting their own comic titled Bidu by Editora Continental.When it comes to achieving one’s goals and objectives, people take different approaches that they believe and trust will be of assistance.

In 2008 a spin-off series, Monica Teen, was created in a manga style and features the characters as teenagers.Under his leadership, RBS has grown and developed to the point of becoming one of the largest media corporations in Brazil.Regardless of the ever-changing media industry, Duda has ensured that the firm has a secured future and is able to withstand any challenge that comes its way.Over the years the series has been gaining a large audience, with new characters constantly being added to the lineup.Jimmy Five (Cebolinha) and Monica (Mônica) were eventually given their own comic books, hence the title "Monica's Gang." The characters and comics were eventually adapted into cartoons, video games, movies, theme parks and a wide range of products.

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