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Oh yeah, my second point is that there’s a third option – leave.I’m not advising anyone to take this step lightly, but if the person with bipolar is doing nothing to help herself (or himself), I couldn’t fault anyone for taking this choice. Candida Fink’s Bipolar Blog Information and Support site.Fortunately, my wife is really good about taking her meds and seeking therapy.Even so, she has the occasional bout with mania so, for example, we now have an 11 month old girl by another man.I could get all upset about that, demand a divorce, etc.But the truth is, I love my little girl and I still love my wife.Joe says in response – Stephen– I think you must be more tolerant than the rest of us mere mortals, because I’m not sure I would put up with quite so much.

If the person has no limits, faces no consequences for destructive behaviors, she has license to do anything. From my experience, a certain amount of tough love is required.Bipolar disorder is a treatable illness marked by extreme changes in mood, thought, energy, and behavior.Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression because a person’s mood can alternate between the “poles”—mania (highs) and depression (lows).It always stressed me out and usually the other person would be scared away. " Our site is the only one online that serves the specific niche audience of those with a diagnosed mental illness.No Longer is different in that everyone on there has a mental illness. By creating this inclusive community our users can rest assured that each user on the site is sensitized to the particular challenges of managing a mental illness.

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First, “moderate the behaviors” can mean all sorts of things from the person with bipolar willingly taking her medications and putting an honest effort into maintaining mood stability to forced commitment.

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