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I snap a picture — if I’m creating a drip look, I use a remote that’s attached to my camera, along with an LCD screen, so I can capture the drip perfectly.

I also break off the handles of the brushes so I’m really only holding near the bristles.” It’s interesting, because Smashbox is one of the [brands] that I used to practice learning makeup with in Ukraine, but it was very hard to get — you had to go to Europe to get it at the time. They had this [] contour palette that I used to think, “One day I’m going to be able to have it — one day I’ll be able to afford it.” And now I have it right there [points to a makeup table]. [Laughs.] If it’s a commercial project and I have a goal or look to achieve, then it’s different.With Smashbox’s Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick campaign, I used the names of the lip colors to inspire me — like “Kale My Vibe” prompted me to create a green lip with kale in the model’s mouth.

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I also use a 12x magnifying mirror to get as close as possible to my mouth.

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